100 Things About Me

Thursday, August 31, 2006

100 Things About Me

  1. I was born in Minneapolis, MN
  2. My mom baked chocolate chip cookies while she was in labor with me.
  3. Sometimes my birthday falls on Easter.
  4. I have lived in Minnesota, Connecticut, New York, and California.
  5. I have one younger sister.
  6. My parents split up for a while when I was a teenager, but are now happily together.
  7. I went to College in New York.
  8. I am addicted to flip-flops.
  9. I love note cards and stationary, but seldom have time to write.
  10. I love fresh cut flowers and think they should always be present.
  11. Pneumonia has been a common recurring theme in my life.
  12. I am deathly allergic to shell fish L.
  13. My favorite color is any shade of pink. I like to mix it with a little green and white.
  14. I have a salt tooth not a sweet tooth and could eat popcorn at almost anytime.
  15. I love convertibles and miss my Cabrio. I would like to have a vintage restored convertible one day.
  16. I look terrible with short hair which is why it will always be long.
  17. I love waking up to a rain and laying in bed listening to it.
  18. I love champagne.
  19. I was married, now I am not, nor do I think I ever want to be again.
  20. Law & Order could be on 24/7 and I would be fine watching nothing but that.
  21. 24 is my favorite show on television with Prison Break a close second.
  22. I would rather read than watch tv but somethings are too good to miss.
  23. Tennis is my favorite sport to play, Baseball games are my favorite to attend, Football is my favorite sport to watch on TV.
  24. I despise people who cannot spell or use proper grammar when sending emails.
  25. I like to cuddle all night when I sleep with someone.
  26. If I am cold I cannot sleep, I need to be warm.
  27. Martha Stewart has been my idol since 1992, I got to meet her and interview her for a magazine I wrote for out of college.
  28. Shoes and pocketbooks should match, and I love both.
  29. Beautifully wrapped gift packages make me happy. I wish I had a room just to wrap gifts in.
  30. I collect vintage picnic baskets and gear as well as vintage cocktail shakers.
  31. Lilly Pulitzer clothing brings a smile to my face no matter what.
  32. Maybe is not an answer.
  33. I prefer warm weather over cold.
  34. Summer is my favorite season.
  35. I love to pack a picnic with a nice bottle of wine and enjoy a concert or a play.
  36. I love to cook and entertain for friends.
  37. Wine is a passion, and I will always strive to learn more about it.
  38. Google is a dream come true and makes life easier.
  39. I like to be accessorized in some way shape or form every time I leave the house.
  40. I get annoyed with people who ask stupid questions or who just don’t get it.
  41. I hate disappointing people and I hate it when people disappoint me.
  42. I love cook books and own a ton of them, could sit and read them for hours.
  43. I always wished I would have learned how to play the piano. I played the clarinet and flute at some point but I never liked it.
  44. I cannot sing.
  45. I think it would be cool to be an architect and restore old homes and buildings.
  46. My sister slammed my head in the door to my room after I took her dollar when we were younger which resulted in stitches behind my ear.
  47. I fell off the monkey bars in elementary school and cracked my head open. My mom was a playground supervisor and took me to the doctor. They didn’t give me stitches though because my hair was too long to shave, so they knotted it around the wound and let it heal openly.
  48. My favorite band is U2 and I have seen them live 5 times. I went to college and was good friends with a guy who was The Edge’s first cousin and when they were just a garage band they practiced in his parents garage.
  49. I was on Student Council from junior high throughout high school. My senior year I was Vice President.
  50. I have been grinding my teeth since I was a baby.
  51. I wear contacts and I cannot see anything without them.
  52. I love being indulged for a whole day at a spa.
  53. Jealousy is a personality trait that I have a hard time tolerating in other people.
  54. I used to have a beagle named Maggie and then a mut named Maynard.
  55. My first cat growing up was named Romeo, then we got Juliet, Smokey, Lucy, Bear, Porsche and Sophie. The only one still alive that I know of is Sophie and my ex has her. Porsche ran away so I am not sure.
  56. My favorite perfume is Sotto Voce and you cannot buy it in the states.
  57. I prefer mustard and do not like ketchup.
  58. Math is not one of my better subjects but I love English and History.
  59. I am terrible at baking which is okay because I am not a big sweets eater.
  60. I prefer Coors Light in a bottle, but would rather have wine. Mixed drinks are okay if they are froofy.
  61. I could probably eat pizza every day if I had to.
  62. Yoplait Whips for breakfast is my favorite but in the Summer I prefer fresh berries.
  63. I love the beach and love waking up to the smell of fresh warm salty air.
  64. I like being a natural blonde but I think that it can have its disadvantages in the way that people treat you and perceive you.
  65. I am a morning person and not a night owl. I don’t think that morning people and night owls should live together or at least be involved in a serious relationship.
  66. I love yoga and wish that I did more of it.
  67. I love steak and could never be a vegetarian.
  68. I enjoy people that can carry a good intelligent conversation and have outside interests and hobbies.
  69. I wish that I did more volunteer work.
  70. I love to keep lists and when I cross things off I fell a sense of accomplishment.
  71. I love my iPod and would not leave home without it.
  72. If it has to be ironed, it gets dry cleaned.
  73. In junior high, I had a biology teacher that had a lab where he let one of his boa constrictor snakes eat a live chicken in the middle of a circle of all of our chairs. I passed out and had to sit in the hall and take an incomplete on the lab. I hate snakes.
  74. I love to read magazines and have subscriptions to Real Simple, Mpls./St. Paul Mag., Country Living, Country Home, Weekend Magazine, Cooking Light, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray Every Day Cooking, Wine Spectator, Self, Shape, Fitness and BHG.
  75. I hate pumping my own gas. Thus the reason why when I moved back to MN I ran out of gas the night before my birthday and walked a couple of blocks to my sister’s house. She gave me a ride to put gas in my car, but I spilled it down my leg. I hate pumping my own gas.
  76. I prefer to drive stick shift but now that I have a big ol’ SUV (2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor) my stick driving days are few and far between.
  77. I prefer driving in the slow lane, the right lane, we are all going to get there sooner or later, right? Life goes by fast enough.
  78. I love going to the grocery store. I can be there for three hours and not even feel like 30 minutes have passed. I prefer specialty large grocery stores but most of my weekly shopping I do at Super Target. If I had the choice though, I would only shop and eat organic, but there just is not enough of it or enough variety.
  79. I do not like overly dramatic people and try not to include them in a large portion of my life.
  80. I am a very loyal person.
  81. I love Lulu ( http://www.traylorpapers.com/lulu.html ). She is everywhere. My mouse pad, my calendars, my notepads, my post-its, my thank you’s and my note cards.
  82. I love notebooks and journals and make sure to write in them using matching pens. If I cannot find a matching color, I default to pink.
  83. In the next year I would like to learn how to perfect the art of cupcakes.
  84. I do not like rude people.
  85. I love bringing my friends that do not know one another together for different functions.
  86. I love having a diverse group of friends.
  87. I love having a perfectly set dining room table.
  88. I love to travel and visit new places. But my favorite place by far to visit is Connecticut.
  89. I love laying around with my girlfriends on a rainy afternoon watching movie after movie.
  90. People watching should be considered a sport.
  91. Sometimes I would rather text or IM than talk to people on the phone. I wish that everyone did it.
  92. I love peacoats and have about 6 of them.
  93. I love swimsuits with matching cover-ups and flip flops and hats, scarves and mittens that match my coats.
  94. I love to wear hats, any sort of hat.
  95. I think that kids are great and love my niece and nephews dearly but do not want to have children of my own.
  96. I love problem solving and putting organization and process to my work.
  97. I prefer wearing skirts over blue jeans.
  98. I love meeting new people and could talk to just about anyone.
  99. Mini Chewy Swee’Tarts are my favorite candy.
  100. I love the feeling of having my legs cleanly shaven every day and need to put lotion on every body part every day, sometimes twice.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger lisagh said...

This is a GREAT list!!! Glad I finally found your blog.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Kricket said...

Love your blog! I just read your profile, and its funny I also listed Heathers as one of my fav movies. I want to share you blog with my friends if you don't mind. You are on my "Blogs I love" list!

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Robyn said...

Oh, I remember when you fell and cracked your head open! In fact I was just telling a fellow parent that our playgrounds used have concrete under them and my friend fell off the monkey bars and cracked her head open! Kids these days are so spoiled! :)

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Lori NP said...

You are so cute!


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